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Shouguang Youxian Seed Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is located in Shandong Chinese town of vegetables - Shouguang City, office covers an area of 30 acres, with new varieties display, screen breeding base of more than 100 acres, is a collection of scientific research, experiment and demonstration, to promote the integration of vegetable seed companies.

Company introduction and the accumulation of a large number of germplasm resources at home and abroad, the operation mode of modern seed enterprises, R & D, mainly engaged in high-grade tomato seed introduction, testing, promotion, sales, at the same time the company from Australia, Holland, Israel, the United States, Japan and other foreign institutions to introduce a large number of excellent breeding tomato varieties, testing, screening, and according to the different climate and cultivation conditions, promotion of choice. After the outbreak of tomato TY virus, the company launched a series of anti-virus varieties, well received by growers.

The company has always been the spirit of "service first, customer first" principle, and adhere to the "professional, innovation, integrity, win-win" business philosophy, and colleagues, work together, common development, service in the vegetable industry. For the new and old customers to provide professional, first-class service, customer cultivation, management in place, to provide first-class management, cultivation techniques, so that customers do not worry.

The company has a factory seedling base, perennial high-quality book all kinds of vegetable seedlings, are exported to all over the country.

Main products: domestic and international famous, Hitt tomato varieties of nearly 200

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